My name is Natalie and I play bass drum in my highschool's marching band. I do not make most of these photos so if you know their owners please tell me so I can give them credit! :)
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When a non band kid is in the band room ._.

When a non band kid is in the band room ._.

I feel like if people had warning labels mine would be, “CAUTION: This girl constantly talks about marching band”





The diamond cutter

Oh my gad, what even


First Game

Okay so our first performance is on Friday!! Yey!! Anyways if this post gets 10+ likes I’ll post a picture of me and drumline for you guys :3

Anonymous said: Hehe no problem! I just thought since you make me really happy I thought id make you happy :P and I'm sorry no one else sent you a band camp stories :( I'm glad I could have the honor of being the only one who sent one *bows down in honor of your awesome tumblr* and thanks it's nice to know people like you exist in the world, we need more people like you ^-^ hehe bye!

I don’t know who you are but you seriously keep making my day and ughh you’re amazing :3 how come people on tumblr are so awesome?? Thank you so much for being interested in my blog like it means the world to me :) I feel like a dork because I cant stop smiling XD Thank you again for making my day and just being you!

Anonymous said: Okay sweet so every year on the last day at band camp drumline makes a bass cannon and it's so cool, then all the trumpets start playing the final countdown while we play quarter notes on the bass cannon and it sounds so sick, I suggest trying it! Anyways I really love your tumblr, I hope you're having a great life :D because I'm kind of down right now :( but I'm sure things will get better they always do. Wow sorry lol I get side tracked sometimes. Keep up the awesome work though!

You are the only person who sent me in a tradition, so thank you! Also my band camp is over so sadly I cannot do it this year but I am a senior next year and I will sure do it then to make my senior year my best year yet! Thank you so much for loving my tumblr it makes me really happy :3 also if you ever need to talk I am always here :) and I hope you have a great rest of the day because you are amazing!

Anonymous said: Is It too late to tell you a band camp tradition?

No it is not :)

Okay so I kept trying to make a post but for some reason it wasn’t working, anyways a friend of Sjindig sent me a message saying they were worried about her doing something she might regret because she has been sad lately. Now I don’t normally post this stuff but if everyone of my followers sent her a message it would make her day so please, it could also save a life.

Band problems

When your friends who aren’t in band think you don’t want to hang out with them, BUT IN REALITY YOU ACTUALY HAVE BAND PRACTICE






Ah yes, the flute

that’s a trumpet

That’s bass drum, come on guys

Come on guys I know a trombone when I see one

Obviously it’s a clarinet. Obviously.

Just a little update

So every year during band camp our band does a spirit week and today is movie day :) I would like to know if any other bands do a spirit week or a different tradition or maybe just a fun story that they had about band camp that they would like to share :D please send them to my ask box, this way if someone wants to remain anonymous they can. I’ll be sure to post all the stories later :3

Behind every performer
Is a beginner
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